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Hydrogenated Castor Oil (H.C.O.) FLAKES

Hydrogen gas is passed through Refined castor oil with Nickel as to get Hydrogenated Castor Oil. After filtration, the liquid HCO goes either to Flaking machine to get HCO Flakes or to Spray Drying Tower to get HCO Powder.


 In the manufacture of multipurpose Lithium/Calcium grease.
 In the manufacture of soaps and cosmetics.
 As a pressure mould release agent in the processing of formed plastics and rubber goods.
 As a component of specialty wax blends used for lipsticks, anti-deodorant sticks, etc.
 In the manufacture of hot-melt coatings and sealants requiring resistance to water.
 As a coating agent for paper.
 In paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, sealants and numerous industrial compositions.
 Thick film chlorinated rubber, epoxy and vinyl coating.
 As a flame retardant and anti-static agent for fiber.
 In the manufacture of spin finish oil for polyamide fiber.
 Processing aid for colour concentrates.
 Surface treatment agents.
 In the manufacture of hot melt adhesives used in packaging, book binding, footwear, carpet backing, and in product assembly.
 In anti-tack and slip additives for processing plastics.
 In the manufacture of specialty chemicals for applications such as metal working, plasticizers and textile auxiliaries, in the form of derivatives such as Esters, Ethoxylates, Sulfates etc.


Physical, Chemical Properties & Specifications:




Flakes Form

Hydroxyl Value


Iodine Value

5.0 Max.

Saponification Value


Acid Value

3.0 Max.

Melting Point


Specific Gravity 250C



White to Pale Yellowish

Appearance @ 20°C

Solid (Mobile liquid @ 300C)


Almost none

Nickel Content

3 Max

Color Gardner

2G/3G Max

Flash Point 0C

242 C DIN ISO 2592

Solubility in Water @ 200C


pH @ 100G/L H2O



In 20 Kgs. /25 Kgs. /50 lbs. Paper Laminated/PP/Stan-Fabric Bags.
In 500/600/650/1000/1200/1300 Kgs. Normal/Anti-Static HDPE Jumbo bags, either loose stuffed or on Pallets in 20’/40′ FCL