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Commercial Grade Castor Oil

Commercial grade castor oil is one of the standard & most common grades of castor oil, used for many industrial applications. It is also known as the industrial grade castor oil. It is obtained from the seeds of Ricinus Communis & have pale yellow color, viscous, oily liquid insoluble in water. It contains more than 87% of a unique hydroxy fatty acid viz.Ricinoleic acid.

Industrial or commercial grade castor oil is obtained from a mixture of the first pressing and second phase of production - solvent extraction. It can act as a substrate for the preparation of other grades of castor oil including DCO, FSG castor oil, Turkey red oil and Pale pressed castor oil etc.


Commercial grade castor oil is extensively used in the manufacture of textile chemicals
It is used as a wetting agent for inks, coatings and adhesives
It is used as an ingredient in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications
Commercial grade castor oil is used as a starting raw material for other grades of castor oil & It’s derivatives

Chemical, Physical Properties and Specifications:




Pale Dark Yellow

Colour in Lovibond 1” Cell

30 units max. (regular)

Expressed As (y+5r)

20 Unit Max (special)

Iodine Value

82 – 90

Saponification Value

177 – 187

Hydroxyl Value

160 min.mgKOH/g

Acid Value

2.0 max.

Moisture, impurities & volatile matter

0.50% max.

Free Fatty Acid (FFA)

2.00 %   Max.

Specific Gravity @30 Deg C/30 Deg C

0.954 – 0.967

Refractive index @ 40ºC

1.477 to 1.481

Unsaponifiable matter

1% Max.

Viscosity @ 20 Deg C

950 Cp

Acetyle value

140 Min


 ISO tanks
 M.S.Drums/HDPE Drums with or without Pallet