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First Special Grade (FSG) / B.S.S. Castor Oil

Castor oil FSG is produced by refining commercial grade castor oil using bleaching and filtering processes. It is also called


It is used as a key component in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations
As a transducer fluid in sonar
As a dielectric material in electrical condensers
An integral component in coatings of vitamin and mineral tablets to serve as a lubricant
As a raw material for the production of value added derivatives from castor oil
Used in the manufacture of polyurethane casting resins
Reacts with styrene and diisocyanates to produce polymers and varnish components
In hydraulic fluids for automobiles, trucks and machinery
As Capacitor impregnate
As an ingredient for petroleum oil-field de-emulsification

 Physical, Chemical Properties and Specifications:




Pale Yellow, Viscous, Clear Liquid

F.F.A (as oleic)

1.0% Max.

Acid Value

2.0% Max.

Moisture, Impurities & Volatile Matter

0.25% Max.

Hydroxyl Value(mg KOH/gm)


Color on lovibond in 1” cell ( Y + 5R)

Y- 20.0 Max.  R - 2.0 Max

Iodine Value  (By Wiss, gI 2 / 100g )


Saponification Value  (mgKoH / gm)


Unsaponifiable matter

1.0 Max.

Specific Gravity @30° C / Relative Density  15 / 15.5 DC


Optical rotation

+3.5 to +6.0 deg

Viscosity at 25 deg C

710 to 950 cst (680-920 cps)

Ricinoleic Acid content

85 percent Min

Edible or Non Edible

Non Edible

Refractive Index @  40° C



 ISO tanks
 M.S.Drums/HDPE Drums with or without Pallet